Resource names and types

Mapping Names of Resource to Short Names

The following table provides an overview of resource names (e.g. "lastModifiedTime") and their mappings to short resource names (e.g. "lt") as used in a given JSON.

Resource short name Resource long name
aei AE-ID
ch childResource
csi CSE-ID
cst CSE type
ct creationTime
et expirationTime
fu filterUsage
lt lastModifiedTime
poa pointOfAccess
ri resourceID
rn resourceName
rsc ResponseStatusCode
srt supportedResourceType
ty resourceType

Numerical Representations of Resource Types

The table below specifies the numerical representations of a given resource types (selection).

Num Resource type
2 AE
3 container
4 contentInstance
5 CSEBase
16 remoteCSE
23 subscription

All available resource types are implemented in the enumeration class ResourceTypeE, defined in