Create binary docker images Script

This documentation explains the create-binary-docker script in the main folder and shows the usage.


create-binary-docker is used to build Docker container images for all available OpenMTC components. It can be used for cross-builds too.


The script shall be called from the command line:

Usage: create-binary-docker [OPTS] <module_name>
    -a|--arch <ARCH>           Choose architecture: amd64|arm
    -p|--prefix <Name Prefix>  Choose Docker image name prefix
    -e|--export                Export the Docker image to a file, after build

    -h|--help                  Show this help
    -v|--version               Show version information

    gateway | backend


Assuming an AMD64-based host machine, building the OpenMTC Gateway Container image can be achieved by following:

./create-binary-docker gateway

Cross building the same component for ARM (e.g. the Raspberry Pi), use:

./create-binary-docker -a arm gateway

Any successfully built Docker image will be available in the machine's local Docker repository.

To be able to adjust the Docker image name for the OpenMTC Gateway, the common prefix can be configured, like this:

./create-binary-docker -p openmtc-testv1 gateway

After the built succeeded, a Docker image of the following name will be available in the host's Docker repository: openmtc-testv1/gateway.

It is also possible to automatically save the created Docker to the file system, using the --export flag. This will save the Docker image into dist/docker within the OpenMTC git repository.